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Topaz Gene Research (established in 1391) has been able to provide the highest quality products and services in this field, in pursuit of its social mission and with its core knowledge of the production of biotechnology products and the complete provision of genomics and proteomics. Gaining the trust of the great community of our dear researchers.

Relying on the quality and precision of products and services and support of its Ph.D level team, Topaz Gene is always at the forefront of supporting our dear clients at universities, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and first-level medical genetic laboratories even in the most sophisticated Research projects.


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The Topaz Gene Research Company, in collaboration with reputable animal manufacturer companies, has developed a laboratory model in Europe and the United States to serve the production of animal model labs based on the Chrisper system as well as transgenic services. If you would like to use this special service and know the details, contact the company

In order to solve the problem of the dear researchers, in reaching the vectors related to the Krisper system, the Topaz Gene Exploration Company has been offering a service to sell ChrisPrice vectors from reputable European and American sources. If you want to use this special service, fill in the application form for the pre-invoice request

The Knowledge Base of Topaz Gene, with the goal of fulfilling its social mission to promote community health by reducing the cost of clinical trials for patients, is the first in the country and in the region for a complete package for exoemal sequencing projects from experimental design to analysis. Enhanced bioinformatics plus primer design, primer synthesis, and Sanger sequencing to validate NGS data as a golden standard.

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